Indoor Air Quality

The main source of carbon dioxide in the indoor environment comes from human exhalation and combustion. In modern buildings without natural ventilation, insufficient fresh air causes the indoor environment with high carbon dioxide concentration, which often makes people feel uncomfortable.
Indoor carbon dioxide concentration is an indirect indicator for judging whether the ventilation volume of the environment is sufficient. When people move indoors, with the accumulation of indoor carbon dioxide concentration, not only will the human body be easily tired and inattentive, but also the total amount of indoor bioaerosol will rising., Poor indoor ventilation can increase the risk of pandemic viral infections.
The American Society of Heating , Refrigeratiing and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends that the carbon dioxide concentration in the indoor environment should be kept below 1000ppm. Good ventilation can provide fresh air for space users and reduce the risk of epidemic virus infection. 
Qui Vive can remind users of the indoor air quality status through accurate sensing values, and maintain good indoor air quality at all times to ensure a comfortable environment. 


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