Safety pre-alarm

Generally, the combustion at home comes from gas stoves/water heaters/kerosene heaters, etc. Indoor combustion of gas or kerosene is most afraid of the accumulation of carbon monoxide caused by incomplete combustion. Excessive carbon monoxide will make the human body uncomfortable, and in severe cases, it will cause the human body to suffer from hypoxia and coma. In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, carbon monoxide sensors are installed in many environments. However, carbon monoxide sensors use electrochemical sensing technology, which has a short lifespan and is not easy to grasp the annual offset range.
The by-products of combustion to generate heat energy are CO2 and H2O. When the amount of O2 required for the combustion process is insufficient, the by-products of the combustion process will emit CO molecules that are easily combined with blood.

Preventing excessive carbon dioxide concentration is an early indicator for preventing excessive carbon monoxide concentration in advance. The Qui Vive CO2 detector adopts infrared detection technology. The infrared gas detection technology has the characteristics of long service life, accurate data and maintenance-free.
The best solution for environmental safety early warning.



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