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About Us


Qui Vive is a state-of-the-art NDIR CO2 gas sensor in a new application. This is a joint project spear headed by Taiwan and Singapore sales & marketing team. With our 20 years’ experience in research and product development, we have numerous products for use in various fields & applications, and have been involved in many projects relating to indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilations.

In the ubiquitous building ventilation system, indoor temperature & humidity can be controlled at a comfortable level. However, CO2 level will accumulate over time with human activities. An accumulation of high level of CO2 is an indication of poor indoor air quality and it could be detrimental to our health without our knowledge. Therefore, a handy, easy to use and reliable CO2 sensor is needed to provide good measurement so that people have a choice to react to any high indoor CO2 level.

Low level of CO2 would indicate that the place is well ventilated; reducing the people’s odds of catching the corona-virus. Qui Vive CO2 sensor is a magical wand that could measure real time CO2 level and notify by beeping when the level gets too high. Every time we exhale, we expel not just aerosol, but also CO2. With poor ventilation, more CO2 would build up in an occupied room or confined space.  Hence, if we see a CO2 concentration build up, it also means the concentration of aerosol is rising. With our magical wand, people will be on the alert and warned when CO2 level is high and be aware that aerosol level is high and can make a choice to react to the indoor CO2 level and the buildup of aerosol level. That is why we call our magic wand Qui Vive because it means “On the alert or lookout!”
                                                             Qui Vive Design Team


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